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School Logo


Primary School

learning together, achieving forever

School History

Longfield Middle School first opened in 1935.  Its first Headteacher was Miss Holliday.  The school is steeped in traditions some of which are still evident today.  From the time it has opened it has always had a Head boy and Head girl as well as Deputies.  


The school colours have always been green and gold.  The School song which is still sung was first written in 1936 by Mrs E.M. Cooper who was a supply teacher at the school at that time. In 2016, a digital version was created by Mr Dion Rushe, a local musician who volunteered at Longfield, teaching Ukelele to Year 3 pupils.


What was interesting about the School Song was that it contained words for each House Group.

  • Perseverance- helps us all along (Livingstone)
  • Cheerfulness- inspires a merry song (Sunflower)
  • Loyalty- assures us of a friend (Jubilee)
  • Courage is our staff until the end (St. George)



Life is like a forest land,
Through which we all must pass.
Here and there a place to dream
Upon the sunny grass,
But not for long we linger
We have our way to make….
And so we journey onwards,
Sweet music in our wake.



Perseverance helps us all along,
Cheerfulness inspires a merry song,
While loyalty assures us of a friend,
And courage is our staff until the end.

Though there’s a shadow all around
The sun still shines above….
Though our path may seem so hard,
We still have Hope and Love….
But as we pass through shadow,
Or stumble on our way,
To others let us give our aid
To reach the light of day


CHORUS (EM Cooper, 1935)

Play Longfield School Song MP3


The School Motto was “Think of Others” It emerged when Miss Holliday was creating school rules, trying to make them few in number and as reasonable as they could be. Her nephew (who was also a teacher at the school) said “why not end with ‘Think of Others’ because it is the basis for all rules.” Thus it summed up the rules and proved to be an excellent school motto.


Miss Holliday asked for written suggestions and a motto for each House.

On the 6th May the school was closed as it was a holiday and thus the name Jubilee was chosen because this day was to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of King George 5th.

St George emerged as one of the House names due to its important significance with our country’s traditions.

Livingstone was chosen honouring a great missionary and benefactor.

Sunflower was chosen as a reminder of cheerfulness which the school needs to maintain a happy atmosphere.