School Uniform

There are slight differences between boys’ and girls’ uniforms.



  • A bottle green V neck pullover with school logo
  • Grey trousers
  • A white polo shirt
  • Black shoes NOT trainers (including black trainers)
  • A grey skirt or grey trousers or grey shorts in a woven fabric (i.e. not leggings or ski-pants).  No pinafore dress
  • A white polo shirt
  • A bottle green cardigan or jumper with school logo.
  • Green/White check summer dress, (not stripes).
  • Black shoes NOT trainers (no shoes with flashing lights)
  • Grey tights or grey or white socks
  • White head scarf for Muslim girls
Nursery Uniform (Girls and Boys)

A bottle green sweatshirt with school logo

A white polo shirt

Light grey jogging bottoms

Velcro trainers (any colour)

Grey or white socks

White headscarf for Muslim girls

Plimsoles in a named bag (for dance & movement lessons)

Please ensure your child has a named (weather appropriate) coat with them every day.

A word about shoes

Please ensure that your children wear sensible shoes to school. Children are very active during the day both inside the school and in the playground. Their shoes need to be comfortable and safe. “Strappy” sandals are likely to cause trips and falls and boots are not allowed - in extreme weather children will be allowed to wear boots/wellingtons for their journey into school and then change into school shoes.

Jewellery and Hair Accessories
For safety reasons children should not wear jewellery.  The only exceptions are stud earrings and essential religious items. See below for advice on jewellery during PE.  Please do not send your child to school with fancy headbands or clips - they are not part of school uniform.  Please save these for weekends, weddings and parties!  Plain black or green hair ties, headbands and flat clips are acceptable.

Make Up
Make up including nail varnish is not allowed in school.  If your child is wearing nail varnish they will be asked to remove it for the next day.  If this is not done then the child will be supplied with nail varnish remover and cotton wool and asked to remove it.

Practical work
Please supply your child with a long sleeved overall for art, design and technology work. 

PE Kit
Please supply your child with a drawstring bag (not plastic) which may be left at school during term time.  Please ensure the has your child's name on it.

  • Please provide a pair of black shorts and a T-shirt in their house colour.  Please also provide a pair of clearly named black plimsolls.
  • Please also provide a black plain, no hood, tracksuit or jogging top and trousers so that children can also do outside PE.
  • Gymnastics and dance take place in the hall and are performed in bare feet.  Plimsolls are used for games lessons outside.
  • Should your child need to wear jewellery for religious purposes please provide tape or micropore tape to cover the jewellery during the lesson so that it doesn't present a hazard to your child or others working alongside them.  Your child's named supply of tape will be kept in the classroom.

    Children in Year 3,4,5 & 6 take part in invasion games during P.E & Sports Clubs. Although these games are supervised, and adapted to suit primary school children, we recommend that parents purchase a gum shield and/or shin pads for the following sports:
  • Hockey Quicksticks (Gum shield & shin pads)
  • Tag Rugby (Gum shield)
  • Football (Shin pads)


These items are available to purchase at the following stores:

Angels Uniforms -  Rayners Lane
Sports Direct

Please ensure that all articles of clothing and footwear are clearly marked with your child's name and have loops for hanging on pegs where appropriate e.g. coats, cardigans.  Uniform can be obtained from any major chain store and several local shops including Angels in Rayners Lane.  From time to time "nearly new" items of school uniform are donated by parents.  These are available for sale in the school.  (Details of these dates appear in the newsletters)