• Reception Intake 2019/2020 Admissions Meeting to take place 3rd July 2019 to those who have been offered or accepted Longfield Primary School. Letter will be sent via school after half term.

  • Teachers Required from September 2019 - NQT's welcome to apply. Please see our current vacancies for further details

  • Paper copies of documents displayed on the website are free of charge on request to the school office


Education Independence Charity

About Us

Education Independence is a charity set up to support two ancestral village schools in India, Bakapur and Langeri with Bhangraburnoff.

Our Story

A chance meeting and our story begins………
I have been in the teaching profession for 29 years and firmly believe that no other profession is as rewarding and fulfilling. Teaching is not a job, it is a way of life. I am passionate about education and I believe every child has a right to learn and those of us who are privileged in so many ways in our own lives can do something to help others. Over the past few years I had thought a lot about giving back to society in some way other than through my job. My own education from a very early age was very important to me, however I grew up in an environment where educating girls was not a priority. This meant I had a battle to fight in convincing my family that getting an education would mean a better future for me. Years later I am reaping the benefits of winning the battle and now want to do the same for other young women. To me having an education meant I would also have my independence, hence my logo E=I.