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  • Teachers Required from September 2019 - NQT's welcome to apply. Please see our current vacancies for further details

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At Longfield Primary School, the safety of our pupils is extremely important.  This includes ensuring that we educate them on how to be safe internet users and also supporting parents with this important issue at home. 

All pupils and staff adhere to our Internet Safety and Acceptable Use Policies.  We have filters in place to protect and monitor computer and internet use. Occasionally children will see things that are unsuitable on the internet and they have been taught what to do in such an event. The school uses 'Hector Protector' - a small dolphin that rest on the top of their page and upon which they can click if they find something inappropriate, causing the screen to immediately turn off. All pupils know to report anything to a member of staff, so it can be looked into.

At Longfield, we recognise that while parents/carers have the responsibility to monitor their children's use of the internet and related communication technologies safely in the home, issues that arise at home may impact on relationships in school.  Where this occurs, we aim to work in partnership with parents/carers to ensure children develop their understanding of the importance of e-safety. 

For more e-safety information, please use the links below:

Parents' guide to E-Safety

National Online Safety Parents' guide

Link to the CEOP website (Child Protection and Online Protection).


Think You Know How: CEOP’s child friendly website for 5-16 year olds.

Information for parents about how to help children stay safe on the internet.


Hector World Webpage – lots of fun games for 5-7 year olds